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Integrity Pumps and Engineering is a proud leading Distributor for Tsurumi Australia.

The partnership between Integrity Pumps and Tsurumi Australia brings to the market a top quality Japanese brand, backed by a high level of aftermarket, technical sales and service support. The team at Integrity Pumps is well versed with the Tsurumi portfolio and is committed to growing the footprint of this premium product with a proven history of reliability and durability, all with a very affordable price tag. 


With our teams extensive pumping application experience and workshop capabilities, we are able to deliver our customers engineered solutions for the toughest pumping applications. 

Tsurumi are a Global Leading Pump Manufacturer with over 90 years experience of producing a high quality, reliable product that simply put is 'Built to Work®'


Residue Drainage Pumps

Single phase, manual, free standing, submersible pumps suitable for draining shallow water down to 1mm.

LB-480A _edited.png

General Dewatering and Construction

Single phase, manual and automatic, freestanding, submersible pumps suitable for smaller solids and light duty slurries.


Mining and Construction Pumps

Three phase, manual, automatic, freestanding, submersible pumps suitable for dewatering, high head, high flow, abrasive and corrosive applications. Available in 415 and 1,000V.


Sewerage and Wastewater Pumps

Single and three phase, manual and automatic, free standing and guide rail mounted submersible pumps suitable for stormwater, sewage and industrial applications. Including a range of channel, vortex, grinder and cutter impellers to help manage the solids and specific duty conditions.


Corrosion Resistant Pumps

Single and three phase, manual and automatic, free standing and guide rail mounted submersible pumps constructed with a mixture of resin, stainless steel, titanium and a special sea water resistant cast iron pumps suitable for marine and other corrosive applications.

Wastewater Treatment Equipment

A range of wastewater treatment products including submersible aerators and mixers, floating scum skimmers, floating decanters, multi-disc dehydrators and bar screens.


Flygt Adaptor

FLADP guide claw adaptors that allow you to retrofit Tsurumi pumps to a variety of Flygt discharge pedestals.

Tsurumi’s submersible pumps are equipped with proprietary technologies that have been tried and tested over its long history. These stand out features have proven to add value to the service life of the pumps and shows they really are ‘Built for work®’.

Product Features


An anti-wicking block is provided at the cable entry section of the motor chamber. Even if the cable jacket becomes damaged or the tip of the cable is accidentally immersed in water, this device prevents water from traveling into the motor chamber through capillary action.


A built-in thermal motor protection device reacts to the excessive heat caused by overcurrent or run-dry conditions. It not only cuts off the motor circuit automatically but also resets by itself.


High-grade bearings for high-temperature operation are used. Also, as deep-groove, double-shield ball bearings are used, and as the bearings are permanently lubricated by grease, there is no need for injection of lubricating oil.


The Oil Lifter was developed as a lubricating device for the mechanical seal. Utilizing the centrifugal force of the shaft seal, the Oil Lifter forcibly supplies lubricating oil to the upper seal faces even if the lubricant falls below the specified volume. This amazingly simple device reliably lubricates and cools but also stabilizes the effect of the shaft seal and extends the length of the inspection period.


A dual inside mechanical seal, located in the oil chamber together with the Oil Lifter, has two sealing faces made of quality materials, including silicon carbide (SiC). The advantages of this seal are two-fold; it eliminates spring failure caused by corrosion, abrasion or fouling, which can prevent the seal faces from closing properly, and prevents loss of cooling to the lower seal faces during run-dry conditions, which causes the lower seal faces to fail.


Slurry pumps are installed with an agitator on the motor shaft extension which forcibly agitates the fluid for easy and efficient transfer of slurry, sand, mud or other particulates. The high-chromium cast iron agitator resists wear caused by abrasive particles and assists with smooth suction of the settled matters.

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