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Grundfos Pump
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As an Authorised Partner of Grundfos we have competitive pricing and fingertip access to the diverse product portfolio and online systems. With our in-house sales and service expertise we are well set up to support this household name in the pumping industry.



CM, CME are reliable, quiet and compact horizontal end-suction pumps. The modular pump design makes it easy to make customised solutions. The pumps are available in cast iron and stainless steel.



CMBE is a high-efficiency compact booster suitable for clean water supply and pressure boosting in domestic and light commercial applications. It keeps constant pressure via the integrated speed control.



Vertical, multistage centrifugal pump with suction and discharge ports on the same level. Available in cast iron through to a high grade stainless steel. Can be supplied with an integrated frequency converter.



Smart Digital and Mechanical dosing pumps for high precision dosing of chemicals, enabling advanced control of process and integration with system control.



Submersible pumps with a mixture of vortex, super vortex, grinder, channel and closed impellers suitable for submersible and dry mount applications.


Hydro Booster Systems

Grundfos Hydro booster systems offer turnkey systems consisting of 2 to 6 Grundfos CR pumps mounted in parallel on a common base frame and a control cabinet with motor protection and integrated controller.



Close coupled End Suction pump with semi-open Vortex impeller with MGE motor.



Close-coupled pumps according to ISO 2858 with MGE motor with option for Super Vortex impeller.



End-suction long-coupled pumps according to ISO 2858. Available in complete skid or bare shaft pump only. Option for Super Vortex impeller.


Grundfos SP are submersible borehole pumps, designed for pumping groundwater. Grundfos SP are all stainless-steel pumps, and they are available in 3 material grades. The pumps are suitable for boreholes in sizes ranging from 4" over 6" and 8" to 10". The motor sizes for the pumps are available in 0.37-250 kW.


Grundfos TP, TPE pumps are single-stage, close-coupled in-line centrifugal pumps with mechanical shaft seal and for applications such as heating/cooling/district energy/hot water recirculation.


Compact stainless-steel submersible pump designed for pumping non-aggressive water and grey water. They can be used as a portable unit or stationary installation inside and outside buildings.

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Hydro Solo-E Booster

Hydro Solo-E is a fully-optimised booster system designed for systems where it is crucial to keep constant pressure. It features constant-pressure control, flow estimation and plug-and-pump installation.

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MGE Motor

The Grundfos E range is supplied with high efficiency built-in frequency converter motors with outputs up to 26kW. These MGE motors have Variable frequency drives built in, which are used for adjusting flow or pressure to the actual demand, by controlling the frequency of the electrical power supplied. Significant power savings can be achieved when using a VFD pump. 

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