Integrity Pumps and Engineering are the proud partner of Apollo Engineering and an authorised distributor of Apollo automatic spray washers, hot tanks and solvent based cleaning systems.

Apollo Engineering have over 25 years of manufacturing experience. Every machine is built to a stringent quality assurance and comes with a performance guarantee.

With spray washer turntable diameters ranging from 800mm up to 3.2m, Apollo can cater to the smallest of operations such as mechanical workshops and transmission repair service centres, up to the largest industrial applications involving the mining and earthmoving industries. Stainless steel machines are available for use in the food and aerospace industries.

The patented centrifugal filter makes the Apollo Engineering agitating Hot Tanks the world leader in this field. The range of Apollo agitating hot tanks start from as small as 200 litres, which is ideal for cleaning small components, up to tanks with a 22,000 litre capacity that are used to clean locomotive and marine engine components, rail wagon bearings and axle boxes. The patented centrifugal filter, that is fitted to tanks AT800 and larger offers a major saving in chemical replacement due to the significant extension in the service life of the cleaning solution. Customers have had similar experiences with chemical savings of up to 92% and electricity savings over 25%.

The sturdiness and simplicity of design of the innovative Apollo Solvent Sinks makes them a valuable tool in a workshop where manual cleaning and pre assembly wash of components is still utilised.

The Apollo parts washers provide a hassle free, safe and cost-effective solution to most mechanical workshops. These benefits include reducing manual handling, releasing trades people from an unpleasant task, increasing workshop productivity, reducing safety risks and improving working conditions for your staff.

Integrity Pumps and Engineering aftermarket capabilities also extends to the maintenance, repairs, technical support, spare parts, site training along with pick up and drop off.

If your team is currently washing parts by hand, with a jet or manually cleaning parts with chemicals, please contact us for further information on how you can save time and money with an Apollo automatic cleaning system.